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I'm a young teenager girl who loves to write. about Sade Richardson

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by: Sade Richardson

He Wasn't (For Me)
by: Sade Richardson

Silence (pt. 1)...
by: Sade Richardson

Silently (pt. 2)
by: Sade Richardson

Silence & Silenty (pt. 3)
by: Sade Richardson

by: Sade Richardson

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By Wakhuhro 06 Nov, 2012
Ilike ur poetry n thats poetry is just like .it touches my heart .i feel sad poetry because alot sorrows in my life.i like ur all sad poetrys n im a really big fan of u.

By pakiza 29 Jun, 2012
so nice

By Sade Richardson 27 Nov, 2008
thanks Te'Arra! It feels good to know that my poems are appreciated...

By Te'Arra 30 Aug, 2008
You are one of the best girl don't stop
writing poetry.

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